Kenyan opposition supporters in the neighborhood of Kondele

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Kenyan opposition supporters faced off with anti-riot police in the neighborhood of Kondele on October 25, 2017, to demonstrate their refusal to vote in Kenya’s election rerun in Kisumu the next day. (Jennifer Huxta)

Just as the police had prepared for civil unrest, a group of volunteer nurses was prepared to respond. Calling themselves NASA volunteers after the main opposition coalition, the National Super Alliance, the nurses had originally organized themselves to help with the process and ensure opposition votes were counted.

But when they arrived in Kisumu from all over the country, it quickly became clear they would be focused on healing wounds and saving lives instead. They provided first aid for people with gunshot wounds and those who had been beaten. They ran a blood drive. When the hospital was running low on medical supplies, the volunteer nurses used WhatsApp and social media to crowdsource the funds for surgical instruments, gauze, implants, whatever was needed.

Kenyan anti-riot police patrol Kondele in Kisumu on October 25, 2017. (Jennifer Huxta)