Empowering SACCOs in Africa
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What we focus on

ACCOSCA has developed programs aimed at improving socio-economic needs of Africa through saving and credit unions, partnering with various government bodies, development agencies and research institution so as to contribute towards mitigating challenges facing Africa in the twenty-first century aimed at effectively supporting members, working on bringing services to the people not generally served by the formal sector.

Social Economic Products

ACCOSCA develops products through Partnerships that are geared towards improving livelihood of Africans.  The development of these products is guided by ACCOSCA’s vision and mission. The following projects are on the path of development.

Research and Business Development

The research and development department engages with partnering organization to ensure that policy formulation is robustly developed; an elaborate regional research that caters for regional needs. It is through this that the association effectively contributes towards regional social-economic development of which has a positive impact on members of SACCOs.

Training and Education

ACCOSCA is investing in training needs of Boards and Management staff of SACCO’s across Africa for the next five years (2009-2014). The implementation of five years strategic plan aimed at revitalizing co-operative activities hinges on competent and well trained Board and Management Staff within ACCOSCA and National Umbrella bodies.

Financial Advisory Services

  • Forensic Financial Investigations
  • Budget development
  • Preparation of a Business Plan / Strategy Development
  • Basic accounting training
  • Financial due diligence