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Girls Education

Survivors of GBV suffer because of the stigma associated with GBV. Community and family ostracism place them at greater social and economic disadvantage. The physical and psychological consequences of GBV inhibit a survivor’s functioning and well-being—not only personally but in relationships with family members.

Survivors of GBV suffer because of the stigma associated with GBV.

The impact of GBV further extend to relationships in the community, such as the relationship between the survivor’s family and the community, or the community’s attitudes towards children born as a result of rape.


COFAS therefore offer the GBV victims Education scholarship to shield them from societal prejudices because we believe that when a young girls is supported to acquire education, it will improve her world view and chances of survival without depending on anybody.

Education empowers women to change their environment and communities and also improves their chances of success in life. This is why we offer full scholarship to the victims of GBV who are willing to go continue with their education


We also take girls who don’t want to go to school for vocational training to acquire skills that would help them either employ themselves or get employed in both formal and informal enterprises