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HIV/AIDS Prevention among adolescents

COFAS works with adolescent girls and young women to help gain knowledge on their sexual health. At COFAS we strive to provide youth with a safe, secure, nurturing, loving and supportive environment to help them learn the knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviors that they need to become adults who make productive contributions to themselves, their families, communities and society in general

Our programs are based on the realities of adolescent sexual behavior which includes:

  • Most health problems for teens are sex related.
  • HIV infection, STDs, and teen pregnancy are particularly high among young people in Kenya.
  • Youth have the fastest growing rate of HIV infection.
  • HIV is on the rise in women who are particularly vulnerable.
  • Many young adults with AIDS contracted the HIV infection when they were adolescents.
  • Most young people do not know much about HIV/AIDS and especially their risk of contracting HIV, STDs or becoming pregnant.