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Women And Girls Empowerment

Gender equality is important for both intrinsic and instrumental reasons. It affects social harmony and society’s well being in various dimensions. It involves policy dimensions in all areas including education, poverty, labour, financial markets, political and economic empowerment, institutions and overall economic development.

Gender equality enhances prospects of achieving both international and national commitments such as:

Millennium Development Goals

Convention on the Education of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW),

Vision 2030, 2003- 2007 Economic Recovery and Employment Creation Strategy

Poverty reduction and sustainable development either directly and or indirectly


Gender inequality on the other hand undermines economic growth and social development. This is particularly true among less developed economies where women are often constrained from having equal access to social and economic capital such as employment, political, financial and social services. Consequently empowering women and enabling them to actively participate and contribute to social, economic and political activities is important for sustainable development