TAT International Cup 2021 , Afro Foot Team vs Team Kenya

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We are Greatful:

Kenya won: 6-4

My people tonight I bring thanks giving to the most high God and to you all who supported Elizabeth’s Kitchen on behalf of Community Forum For Advanced and Sustainable Development  – COFAS

Day 1 (30.6.2021)

From the selling of the below food we managed to raise €310, I added €40 to make it €350 to send to COFAS.  May our good God bless you all. Transaction Details below:

Your WorldRemit transaction number: 97291xxx

You sent: EUR 350.99 to Kenya

Xxxxx received: KES 43011.00

Mobile money provider: M-PESA mobile money account

Mobile money account number: xxxxxx

Day 2 (4.7.2021)

Kenya Won 2 – 1

We Sold €138

Your WorldRemit transaction number: 974308xxx

You sent: EUR 138.99 to Kenya

Xxx received: KES 15911.00

Mobile money provider: M-PESA mobile money account

Mobile money account number: xxxxxxx

Day 3

Kenya lost 3 – 2

Kenya got a ticket into the quarter-finals and Kenya is the defending champions


WorldRemit transfer number: 9746xxxx

You sent: 121.99 EUR

Beatrice gets: 15500.00 KES

Mobile account partner: M-PESA mobile money account

Mobile account number: xxxx

Hi Elizabeth, we’ve got great news for you: Xxxxx has received your money to their Mobile money account! Here are the full details again for your records:.Did you know that our transaction limits to Safaricom M-PESA have now doubled? You can now transfer up to KES 150,000 back to your family and friends in Kenya.

Thank you for using our services!

Special thanks to Maggy Kerubo . Girl thank you, for your time, support and encouragement.  To you  Kent Mwiti . Thank you for spreading the word about the food. Kevin Lefty . My family, Veijo Mökkönen , Geno Lyon, Issa Son. I love you all big. I will forever remain indebted. To you all who spent your money for this noble cause Ahsanteni.  Roy Douglas Otienen. Thank you my brother.

Right now we have a 13 year old who is expecting twins by mid next month and I believe this amounts will go ahead to support rent,  food, baby clothes, diapers,  and non-food items.  Visit us if you are in Kisumu. We are doing Elizabeth’s Kitchen again on the 4th and 8th of July 2021 same place, same time.

Tell a friend who should tell a friend and together we shall make a difference.

Attitude of gratitude

#For The Love Of The Community